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What Will You Do [To Thrive]?  Win Strategic "Game". 

The "Game"                                                                    Beta Version

® – All Thrive Forever®” is like a strategic video game that is not a game and not (yet) a video game. Not fantasy, it is todays and future reality. Even if you choose not to play, “game” goes on with real-life consequences for you and for whom and what you care about. It may be played as just a strategic video game (or simulation) or as a strategic video “game” that is real-life played in real-time with real people, including you with real consequences. [See Graphic: Thrive! - All Thrive Forever]
   Real-life “enemies” stop you, your community and/or the world from surviving and thriving. Real-life friends help you survive and thrive.
   During play, you and all of us face four possible futures: Current, Survive, Partial Thrive, and Full Thrive. To win, you must get past Current and Survive.
   Real-life win is surviving and thriving in the real world. Ultimate real-life win, via the Thrive Endeavor, is Full Thrive where “all thrive forever” in the real world.
   At beginning of “play” is the challenge – “What will you do to thrive?
   Choose simulation or real-life mode. Choose your “game” – 1) you for yourself, 2) you and your community for your community) or 3) the Thrive Endeavor (you and all of us now and future) for the world+ so “all thrive forever”.
   “Play” Thrive! for real-life loss or win.    
Thrive! – All Thrive Forever®                  What Will You Do?® The Game. The Challenge.
Book is available in print via or as free eBook download here.

Getting Started   Get Started    How To Play

 ▼   Play   ▼

Play "You"

“Game” 1
What Will You Do So You Thrive? 

Play "Your Community"

“Game” 2
What Will You & Your Community Do So It Thrives?

Play "Our World+"

“Game” 3
What Will You & Our World Do So All Thrive Forever? 
  • Win – You survive/thrive near & far future.

  • “Play” – You for your future.

  • Single player.

  • Real-life. Real-time. Real people. Real consequences.

  • Setting - Your immediate environment

  • Win Your community survives/thrives near & far future.

  • “Play” - You & your community for your community’s future.

  • Play Together; Multiplayer

  • Real-life. Real-time. Real people. Real consequences.  

  • Setting - Your community

  • Ultimate win - “all thrive forever”

  • “Play” – Thrive! Endeavor, you & our world, for our world’s future.

  • Play Together; Ultimate Massively Multiplayer

  • Real-life. Real-time. Real people. Real consequences.

  • Setting – World+ (the world & beyond)

#ThriveEndeavor! #AllThriveForever

Thrive Endeavor

Thrive! Endeavor

What will you do [to thrive]?