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Getting Started - How To Play. How to Survive and Thrive.

#Thrive #ThrivingFuture #ThriveEndeavor #T! #AllThriveForever


How to Play. How to Survive and Thrive.


Game. Choose your “game”:

  • Single-player (you for yourself),

  • Multiplayer (you and your community for your community), or

  • Ultimate massively multiplayer is Thrive Endeavor (you and all of us now and future) with ultimate win of “all thrive forever”.

Mode. Choose simulation or real-life.


Players. Choose (if multiplayer) other players (non-enemy) and their role, motivation and ability. Specific abilities and motivation lead to greater success in specific roles. Choose the team well. Play as a team. Best if whole team (before and during play) helps make choices (“play”, future, path, location, time), draw play map, identify enemies and friends, and explore. Good communication is very important.


“Enemies and Friends”. Identify real-life friends who help you win. They may or may not be on your team. Identify real-life enemies who make or keep people vulnerable and/or stop people from surviving and thriving. Enemies are defeated when there remain no threats to surviving and thriving.


Path and Future. Choose path (Survive, Partial Thrive, and Full Thrive) you will take and future (Survive, Partial Thrive, and Full Thrive) you will seek. Get off Current Path to avoid losing.


Win. Choose “win”. Reduce vulnerability. Survive and thrive today, near future, far future. Ultimate win in ultimate massively multiplayer game is “all thrive forever” (you and all of us survive and thrive today, near and far future, and forever). [Choose and enter "win" in Scoresheet. Win? How well and for how long?]


Play Location. Choose location best for play and achieving best future. Virtual location (online play). Physical location. Combination is best.


Play Time. Choose start time. Play real-time with pauses at least for strategy and rest.


Environment/Setting. Identify environment for chosen game. Pay attention and adjust to changing environment.

  • your immediate environment,

  • your community, or

  • world+ (our world and beyond).

Map. Draw map for game’s play environment.

  • single-player (your immediate environment now and future),

  • multiplayer (your community (which can be friends, family, affinity group, local community, state, country or region) now and future), or

  • ultimate massively multiplayer (world+ forever).

Exploration. Explore, before and during play, your game’s ever-changing play environment. Information gathering helps with strategy, tactics and actions.

  • yourself and your immediate internal/external environment,

  • yourself and your community and its internal/external environment, or

  • yourself and the world+ and its environment.

Resources. Identify resources to be used during play. Includes people, things, money that help win.
Obstacles. Identify obstacles to overcome. These change.
Strategy and Tactics. Choose initial strategy and tactics and how they will be adjusted during play. 




Play real-time - now, near and far future, and forever. Adjust above elements as needed during play.


  1.  Play! Win near and far future!
  2.  Act. Execute strategy and tactics.
  3.  Winning?
  4.  If winning, congratulations! If losing, do better!
  5.  Adjust strategies, tactics and actions during play.
  6.  Pause. Rest?
  7.  Play! Win!
  8.  Win or lose, continue “game”. This is real life.
  9.  Play!
  10.  Win surviving and thriving future. Ultimate score is 150,000!

Want the ultimate challenge? Up your “game” to play and win ultimate massively multiplayer world+ and help win “all thrive forever”? Go to Game 3.

Time to play. Go to your choice of “game” (Game1 - You, Game 2 - Your community, or Game 3 - world+).

#ThriveEndeavor! #AllThriveForever

Thrive Endeavor

Thrive! Endeavor

What will you do [to thrive]?