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Gary "Chris" Christopherson


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What Will You Do So You Thrive?  Game 1. 

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Overall Thrive! strategy, tactics and actions.

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Your overall Thrive! strategy, tactics and actions will be your Thrive! Strategy and Action Plan. For each action, designate who (you and others) will do what to/with whom, where, when, with what resources and with what result. Enter info in Thrive Excel Fillable Scoresheet to document detailed actions and responsibilities. Make sure you have all actions needed to build, achieve and sustain your surviving and thriving.
As the strategy is executed, your strategy, actions and results should be updated in your Thrive! Strategy and Action Plan.
Periodically, you should assess your strategies/actions near and long term impact on near and long term surviving and thriving. When a) your strategies and actions are not building and sustaining a thriving future and/or b) there are changes in your world, adjust your Thrive! Strategy and Action Plan.
Successfully execute your Thrive! Strategy and Action Plan to build a near and long term surviving and thriving future. You (and any others) must successfully carry out the assigned action and do what is required to/with whoever is required, where required, when required, and with what needed/desired result. A Thrive! Strategy and Action Plan is only as good as its successful execution and successful achievement of the desired outcome - a surviving and thriving future.  [Following is an example of Thrive! Strategy and Action Plan for your surviving and thriving future.]

To win and build a surviving and thriving future for you, Thrive can be helpful to you. The Thrive! Next Generation Toolkit is available in the full People’s Guide and in Thrive! - Building a Thriving Future - a manual providing greater depth on strategy and tools and available via or free download from

Download and enter info into Thrive Excel Fillable Scoresheet   

Thrive Scoresheet
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