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Gary "Chris" Christopherson


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What Will Our World Do So It Thrives?  Game 3.

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What actions by our world+ are needed to achieve its thriving future?

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What actions are needed to bring about needed changes that improve our world+ to achieve surviving and thriving status? [See Graphic - What will Thrive! Endeavor, you and the world, do so all thrive forever?]


What will our world do
Very important actions are needed. Individual world+ members and our world+ as a whole should support our strategy. Use Scoresheet. What actions needed? 
Identify actions by our world+ that support good changes that will help improve and/or sustain surviving and thriving. If good changes are likely to occur, support them. If good changes are not likely to occur, support them and develop other good changes to compensate.
Identify actions by our world+ that stop bad changes that prevent or limit surviving and thriving. If bad changes are not likely to occur, ensure they do not. If bad changes are likely to occur, change them, stop them or avoid/reduce their impact.


Download and enter info into Thrive Excel Fillable Scoresheet  

Thrive Scoresheet

#ThriveEndeavor! #AllThriveForever

Thrive Endeavor

Thrive! Endeavor

What will you do [to thrive]?