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Gary "Chris" Christopherson


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What Will Our World Do So It Thrives?  Game 3.

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What has to change externally and internally to achieve our world+’s thriving future?

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What has to change externally (outside our world) and internally (within our world) to progress from our world’s current status to achieve desired surviving and thriving status? You identified what positively and negatively impacts or is likely to impact our world+. Update those, including any changes to your future world+.
Given those, what has to change to achieve a surviving and thriving future? Use Scoresheet. What changes needed? to describe all that has to change externally and internally.
Good changes improve and/or sustain surviving and thriving. Bad changes prevent and/or limit surviving and thriving.


Download and enter info into Thrive Excel Fillable Scoresheet

Thrive Scoresheet

#ThriveEndeavor! #AllThriveForever

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