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Gary "Chris" Christopherson


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What Will You Do So You Thrive?  Game 1.

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How well (surviving/ thriving) should you be in the future?

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What should your world be in the future? How well should you as a whole be in the future? Overall, you should be surviving and thriving. With this as a guide, you choose the surviving and thriving future you want to build and achieve.
Enter info into Thrive Excel Fillable Scoresheet to describe desired future with respect to performing well? Being well-off (financially). Being well nourished (food and drink)? Being well housed? Being well protected (exposures, crime)? Being well educated? Being physically and mentally well? Personally growing/developing well? Living within good habitat? Not being vulnerable? Producing personal and public goods? Living within a stable, positive climate? Being sustained? For each, indicate how well. You should be surviving and thriving.


Download and enter info into Thrive Excel Fillable Scoresheet  

Thrive Scoresheet

#ThriveEndeavor! #AllThriveForever

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What will you do [to thrive]?